Maximizing Your Potential by Myles Munroe (Summary, Notes and Insights)

Maximizing your potential

Summary of Maximizing Your Potential by Myles Munroe: The Book In Three Sentences

  • It is not enough to begin to release some of your potential; you must pour out everything there is in you and die empty
  • The maximization of your potential can only be achieved by conscious and deliberate efforts (of cultivation, feeding and protection); it doesn’t happen on its own
  • There is only a minute fraction of your potential that is meant for you; bulk of your potential is for those around you, the next generation and God’s purpose.

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What Does It Mean To Maximize Your Potential?

To maximize your potential means to pour out every bit of possibility that exist within you until you die empty. It is not giving what you have but giving all that you have: doing everything that could be done, going to every place that could be gone to, producing everything that could be produced, and reaching everywhere that could be reached.

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Why Maximize Your Potential?

Failure to do your best, to go beyond the expectations of others, to express yourself fully, to live up to your potential, to extend yourself to the limit of your abilities, to give it all you have, to satisfy your own convictions, is called mediocrity. Mediocrity is living below your known, true potential.

No matter how much of your potential you have released, failure to pour out all there is, is still a life of mediocrity because the standard with which you measure the value of all you have done, is how much God has deposited within you. A car running at 100km/hr is still a mediocre compared to it’s ability although it is faster than the bicycle.

Enemies of Potential by Myles Munroe

1. Disobedience

2. Sin

3. Fear

4. Discouragement

5. Procrastination

6. Past failures

7. The opinion of others

8. Distractions

9. Previous success

10. Tradition

11. A wrong environment

12. Comparison

13. Opposition

14. Society’s pressure.

How To Maximize Your Potential by Myles Munroe

1. You must guard and protect your potential

To guard means to setup structures that will keep your potential free for potential hurts or harm while to protect means to actively defend your potential in the face of attack. You are entrusted with the responsibility of guarding and protecting your potential: the treasures of God’s wisdom, God’s power and the presence of God’s Spirit in your life.

You must recognise that the primary enemies of your potential, regardless of how they surface, are evil forces which must come. You must therefore prepare for the attacks and stand in the midst of the attacks.

2. You must cultivate and feed your potential

To cultivate means to work your potential; to activate and stimulate it by taking it through challenging and demanding work or experiences. To feed means to provide the necessary fertilizers that will sustain and maintain it in those (working) conditions.

You cultivate and feed your body by getting adequate rest, food and exercise; by using it with discretion and keeping it away from pollutants.

You feed and cultivate your soul by filling your mind with positive and developing information, subjecting your will to find and align to God’s purpose, and guiding your emotions with the truth of God’s word.

You feed and cultivate your spirit by living from God’s wisdom revealed by His spirit.

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3. You must share your potential

Potential is not given for itself. You are blessed to be blessing. God shared His potential with you and is excited when he sees you sharing that potential with others. Potential is only fulfilled when it is given to others. You cannot enjoy and fulfill your potential when you keep it to yourself. (If a seed doesn’t give its potential to the soil, it dies).

Retention of potential destroys the potential hoarded, destroys the joy of giving, destroys the benefits of receiving, destroys God’s joy in giving you, and destroys your personal happiness and fulfillment.

Potential is not fully maximized until it reproduces itself in the next generation. Since today’s seed is tomorrow’s tree, maximizing your potential is not just necessary but critical as there would be no future if you fail to release your potential.

4. You must understand and obey the laws of limitation that govern your potential

Laws are the principles that govern life. For example, whatever goes up must come down. They can’t be broken.
Commandments specify behaviour relative to a law. Don’t try to walk on the air
Demands build upon previous commandments and laws and specifies behavior for specific situations.

Demand: Don’t jump down a storey building
Commandment: because you can’t walk on the air
Laws: because everything that goes up must come down

God has given us many commandments in His word to help us live up to the laws governing our existence. His spirit gives us specific demands in living up to the commandments in specific situations

Laws don’t restrict, inhibit, bind or rob us. Instead, laws assist and protect us, allows for full expression and maximization of our potential, and secures our purpose and function.

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Personal Notes and Insights From Maximizing Your Potential by Myles Munroe

  • The purpose of the environment is to place demands on our potential
  • If you want God to guide your potential, you must start using it.
  • The Holy Spirit will not takeover our lives but will assist us in fulfilling them
  • God’s laws show us best working conditions that maximize your potential
  • Work time is another opportunity to create what can be created that will never be if you don’t work it.

I strongly advise you to get a copy of this book for yourself and someone else. It is an investment your generation will ever be grateful you made.

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