Principles and Power of Vision by Myles Munroe (Summary, Notes and Insights)

The Book In Three Sentences

  • God has determined the end of our lives (our purpose for existence) before our creation, He then gives us the a picture of that end (a vision) to bring us to that purpose.
  • The quality of vision you run with determines the quality of your life.
  • You cannot fully harness all the power of vision until you understand and obey the principles of vision

What is Vision?

Vision is a mental picture of your future. It is the unveiling of God’s plan for your life. It is capturing an idea or a clear picture of what can be in the future to propel the present to begin to act towards it. It is seeing the unseen, so that what is seen can be translated into what can be.

Vision unlocks what was and what is, to propel you into the land of what could be. Vision sets you free from the limitations of what eyes see and allows you to enter the liberty of what the heart can feel. Vision makes the unseen visible and unknown possible.

How To Get A Vision For Your Life

1. Your vision is already in you: Your vision is from God but He already put it in your heart at creation. It is not something you possess but something that possesses you– you can’t go away from it. It is that desire that is more than mere interest that always persist in your heart even when all odds are against it.

2. Vision is unselfish: vision should focus on helping humanity or building up others in some way. It should be accompanied with compassion, must be careful and sensitive not to hurt anyone on the way to achieving it. Although some people might oppose you due to lack of understanding of your vision, your vision still should not destroy the life of anyone.

3. Vision builds God’s Kingdom not your kingdom: your perspective and motivation towards the fulfillment of your vision should be God-centred. Working towards the fulfillment of your vision should be a tool to fulfillment of purpose not creating a life of luxury for yourself.

4. Your personal vision will always be found within a larger corporate vision: some people will receive a vision from God to start a big corporation or ministry while others will not. However, everyone’s vision is part of a larger corporate vision. The one who receives a vision to start a corporation cannot fulfill that vision in isolation; he needs the input of another to see that vision fulfilled.

In a corporate vision no person or role is inferior, and no person or role is more important. Each one is on a mission to fulfilling their own personal purpose which being in the role of another will now allow them fulfill.

Obstacles to Fulfilling Vision

1. Not understanding the nature of vision: a goal is what you want to accomplish within a stipulated time; a mission is a general statement of purpose that declares the overall idea of what to accomplish, while a vision is a distinctive direction or approach for accomplishing the mission.

2. Not recognizing the cost of vision: vision doesn’t get fulfilled without diligent pursuit. Success comes in instalments so you must continue to pay the price to unveil each stage of success.

3. Not knowing the principles of vision: successful visionaries don’t pursue vision haphazardly. They understand the principles that guide vision and follow them dutifully.

12 Principles for Fulfilling Personal Vision

1. Be directed by a clear vision

Make sure it is absolutely clear to you and it is the guiding vision for your life. If it is not clear, you have nothing to aim at, and ultimately, nothing to achieve.

2. Know your potential for fulfilling vision

Whatever you were born to do, you have been equipped or will be equipped to do. Potential is hidden capacity, untapped power and unreleased energy; it is within you already for the fulfillment of your vision.

3. Develop a concrete plan for your vision

There’s no future without planning; if you don’t have a plan, God has nothing specific to direct you in.

4. Posses the passion of vision

You cannot be successful until you are angry at not doing what you know you should be doing. Passion is the ability to stay steady under pressure. Passion is required for the fulfillment of vision because your vision will always be tested by tribulation and it takes a passionate person to continue through tribulations.

5. Develop the faith of vision

Sight is a function of the eyes while vision is a function of the heart. Since vision is something that the eyes cannot see, it takes faith to see the fulfillment of a vision and to work towards it.

6. Understand the process of vision

God tells us where we are going but he rarely tells us exactly how He’ll take us there. God gives us purpose but doesn’t explain the full process. There is no hurried way to God’s vision; He leads step-by-step, day-by-day, through tribulations, trial and character-building.

7. Set the priorities of vision

You make choices everyday that influences your chances of getting to your vision so the future is now, because what you do now is what determines your tomorrow. Prioritising your life create useful limits to your choices.

8. Recognize people’s influence on your vision

When you begin to act on your vision, you stir those who want to help and those who want to hinder you. But when you don’t have a vision or don’t act on your vision, your helper will not know where to find you. Influence is subtle (it happens slowly and quietly) but the overall effect is powerful. Your friends create your environment which create your mindset which creates your future.

9. Employ the provision of vision

If you believe you have to use your resources to fulfill vision, you are a small dreamer. God designed every purpose with its own provision. What He purposes, He provides for.

God provides for vision through land and its inherent wealth, and through the ability to work, cultivate, preserve and pass-on wealth.

10. Use persistence in achieving the vision

Every true vision will be tested for authenticity. When you decide to be something, everything will try to get in your way; be prepared for challenges for they are coming. It is not a matter of God bringing vision to pass but a matter of you going amidst trials.

11. Be patient in the fulfillment of vision

People who have long patience will always win. You make plans so you can have a plan to modify as appropriate and necessary along the way while still keeping to the overall vision.

12. Stay connected to the Source of vision

You must have a daily, dynamic, personal prayer life for continual communion and fellowship with God, the source of vision. You will never achieve vision without prayer, but if you stay in touch, you will be nourished both in life and vision.

If people don’t receive life from the legacy you leave when you die, you really didn’t live effectively
-Myles Munroe

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