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Do you also want a PERSONAL MENTORSHIP from Dr. Myles Munroe? Nothing is stopping you

I became a mentee of Myles Munroe 2 years after his plane crash…

It all started when someone bought me SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP by Myles Munroe. I was only sixteen years old then…

It was the strangest book I had ever read and I was reading every page like someone who was searching for a missing paycheck…


There was a deep heart-to-heart connection between me and Dr. Myles Munroe that I knew THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

If you have ever read Myles Munroe’s books or listened to his message and also thought THIS IS WHAT I WANT, then pay attention…

At that point, I decided to read EVERY single book written by Dr. Myles Munroe I could find…

and that was the transformation point of life…

I noticed God gave me a supernatural understanding of Dr. Myles Munroe’s messages.

Every time I and a friend read the SAME book, they are usually surprised at HOW MUCH I UNDERSTAND which they can’t even see…

I started teaching other teenagers the principles I learned from Myles Munroe’s books and their lives began to show the same results…

Here’s the BIG part…

I didn’t just understand the book. My life also began to manifest what I was learning:

1. My leadership became very effective that I was chosen among the teenage leaders in a church I only joined for 2 months

2. Two years later I was made the president of the ENTIRE teenagers and the FIRST to be maintained for 2 TENURES

3. At the age of 18, I became a leader of a team that had several people as old as 65 years.

4. The transformation continued and affected my prayer life, relationships, finances, and walk with the HOLY SPIRIT

Not to talk of how I had 2 BOOKS FULL of my purpose and vision in life clearly defined at age of 16

5. The most AMAZING part was the kind of magical influence I had everywhere I entered

It can happen to you too…

It all came by SIMPLIFIED UNDERSTANDING of the principles Myles Munroe taught.

You can hear it, but if it is not simplified enough for you to see it, you won’t get it!

In fact, for every person I have taught the principles I learn from Myles Munroe, it seems there is an IMMEDIATE impartation of the same spirit…

because it was simplified…

So instead of asking my students to read over 54 books written by Dr. Myles Munroe and listen to the over 200 audio tapes, I have listened to (which they probably cannot find)…

I carefully gathered all of the principles and broke them down in this bundle I want to totally release to you.


So what does this bundle contain?

The main ebook, The Myles Munroe Way, delivers to you…

  • How to discover the EXACT thing you were born to do TODAY!
  • The 6 UNSTOPPABLE steps to maximise ALL your potential and die EMPTY
  • The ONLY enemy devouring your wealth after you pay your TITHE
  • How to live like JESUS in a secular world
  • The Message of the Kingdom EXPLAINED for DUMMIES
  • How to pray and FORCE Heaven to respond
  • How to INFLUENCE people into the Kingdom WITHOUT becoming a preacher
  • How to become a POWERFUL leader even if NO ONE EVER listened to you before
  • How to relate with the Holy Spirit WITHOUT being “DEEP
  • How to become GLOBALLY relevant from a Third World country
  • How to SIPHON Heaven’s resources and live WEALTHY while MAINTAINING your walk with God.

After digesting this ebook, you will have in your hands…

  • The ROADMAP to operate in government positions as a CHRISTIAN
  • The 2 Secret Keys to influence ANY generation again and again
  • The UNBEATABLE understanding to maintain your character when EVERYONE around you is corrupt
  • Access to the 2 ULTIMATE encounters with the Holy Spirit and the POWER they produce
  • The 4 BIBLICAL Secrets Steve Jobs stole to turn Apple into a Multi-billion dollar business

Because I didn’t hide ANYTHING back, I also EXPOSED

  • How to stop begging God for things and start making demands
  • How to turn your unrepentant colleagues to the Lord and face ZERO resistance while preaching the Gospel
  • How to successfully overcome ALL the Crisis targeted at crushing your life
  • How to secure and retain God’s presence in your DAILY life
  • How to take your FULL place as a Kingdom ambassador

I can’t list everything to save your precious time…

Wait! For you to get the best out of this, I am also releasing 3 of my PREMIUM coaching resources worth $100 as bonuses…

The Purpose Discovery Workbook is a step-by-step guide that can take you from someone who has NEVER heard of the word Purpose to having a CLEARLY defined ONE SENTENCE Purpose Statement.

You ABSOLUTELY do not need any guidance to use this because of how simplified it is

It contains ALL the Keys I got from Dr. Myles Munroe that you can use even on a toilet seat to define your life.

Then You Have The Successful Life Checklist and Worksheet

Success in life is very predictable and you can predict your chances of success TODAY!

If you are still unsure about what the future holds for you, the Successful Life Checklist and Calculator will help you detect if failure is waiting for you in the future…

Now, you will not only predict your future— the worksheet will guide you to design your future and enforce your success…

The best way to predict your future is to design it; that is exactly what this two-phase ebook helps you do.

It provides you with an already done template you can simply copy and design a successful future SUITED JUST FOR YOU

Lastly, You Also Have FREE Access To The Myles Munroe Glossary…

It contains over 100 definitions from Dr. Myles Munroe on basic concepts of life and the Kingdom I have curated for over 6 years…

No longer will you have to worry about understanding the Bible and the principles of life or the Kingdom…

No longer will you continue defining your life with the definitions of the world!

For example, love is not an emotion of strong liking — it is a choice to commit to someone and expect nothing in return.

You now have ALL of these Mind-Shifting definitions ALWAYS with you and can refer to them anytime you want…

In summary, here’s all you are getting right now:

  • The Myles Munroe Way – $50
  • The Purpose Discovery Workbook – $40
  • The Successful Life Checklist and Worksheet – $30
  • The Myles Munroe Glossary – $30

Together these four materials cost $150 but I have totally rubbished the price to ensure you are not left out no matter how challenged you are currently

No, not 50 or even 70 percent off. It’s a destructive 94% off!

Yes, you heard me. You only have to pay $9.97 (₦4,000) instead of $150 (₦60,000) because I want to challenge you to use the other funds to invest in other areas of your life.

Once 100 people grab this offer, I will pull it down and restrict it to only my students again. I am pulling it down because I want only destiny-minded people to get it.

Don’t trust my word; see what others have to say…

The Purpose Discovery Workbook alone is huge enough for me. I can't believe you made this a bonus. It is so simplified that I don't have to spend all day brainstorming. This bundle is great! Thanks bro. - Joshua Oyewole 
Thank you for these materials. Thank you for the Successful Life Checklist and Worksheet. I first got intrigued by the cover and the worksheet was not any less satisfying... I must say this is great. I am now certain of the future! - Toyin Adeniran

You can also share your story…

PS: If you are among the 100 lucky people who get to enjoy this offer and you think 1 Pizza is worth more than Life-Changing Principles contained in the bundle, I will refund ALL your money with no questions asked!

So you have nothing to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will I get from the bundle?
    • The bundle contains The Myles Munroe Way ebook explaining Myles Munroe’s teaching in a simplified yet original way. It also comes with 3 bonuses: The Purpose Discovery Workbook, The Successful Life Checklist and Worksheet, and The Myles Munroe Glossary.
  2. How will the bundle be shipped to me?
    • We have made it easy, you don’t have to worry about shipping because all the resources are digital products. You simply have to download them.
  3. What if I feel it doesn’t worth it?
    • While we are sure this purchase is a no-brainer and you will appreciate it as everyone else does, we still offer a full refund if you think a $10 pizza is worth more than the value offered.
  4. Can I still get the 85% tomorrow?
    • As long as this offer is live you will get the 85% off but we plan to pull it down once 100 people get it to ensure only serious-minded people get it. We cannot assure you will be among the lucky 100 if you wait till tomorrow because this site receives over 3000 visits continuously.

PSS: If you don’t get this material, you can still learn everything contained in the bundle by reading all of Dr. Myles Munroe’s books and listening to all his audio messages. I am not inventing anything new. I have only curated 60 years of wisdom and simplified it for a 7th-grade kid.