Discovering Your Purpose By Myles Munroe

Discovering Your Purpose By Myles Munroe, how to discovery your purpose

Are you in a point in your life where you desperately need to know what you were created for? Do you want to discover your purpose?

Dr Myles Munroe understood the many challenges people face in trying to discover their purpose and he gave 3 simple steps that can help anyone. I will be explaining those steps here.

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1. Your purpose and your destiny is whatever makes you angry.

According to Dr. Myles Munroe, whatever makes you angry is where your purpose and destiny lie because you need anger for what is to create what should be.

Everyone else who is not like you and is not angry about the situation cannot provide solutions to them because they see it as normal. However, God has created that displeasure in you so you can come up with a solution.

Every successful man, Myles Munroe said, is an angry man. Not angry in the sense of being unhappy with life, but angry with a particular norm and status quo and will not spend another moment seeing it that way.

Surprising, whatever problem we see that others don’t see is proof that we possess the solution or possess the innate ability to come up with the solution.

For example, if everyone passes a piece of art and doesn’t notice anything worth paying attention to, but you pass by and notice that the color combination could be better, that gives you a prompt that you possess the ability to make better art if you commit to developing that skill.

Discovering your anger will help you in discovering your purpose – Myles Munroe

2. Your purpose and destiny is what you will do for no paycheck or without a compensation

There’s a difference between a job and your destiny. A job is what you do for a paycheck but your purpose is something you can and will do even if there was no option to be compensated.

You can easily find this by looking into yourself and the pattern of activities you have been following. Some things seem to get your attention and commitment that you would do even if no one was paying you to do.

This thing might be called drudgery by others but you get energized and excited about doing it. When you find your compensation for doing that activity from success in the activity itself, that tells you what you were created to do.

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A job is an employment while your purpose is deployment. Employment means you are brought on board to do a task for pay, while deployment means you are released.

Fulfilling your purpose is releasing your potential, releasing the innate abilities that are built into you, and using them to serve a cause that benefits humanity.

Discovering what you can do without a paycheck will help you in discovering your purpose.

3. Your purpose and destiny is your passion

Your passion is a continual drive you have towards a particular cause that always pushes you to pursue that cause.

In finding what you can do without a paycheck or compensation, you will find your passion, but you need to understand that your passion was built into you by God and is suited for the assignment He has created you for.

So once you look back at the life you have lived and see what you have been naturally drifting to on your own even when the environment isn’t supportive, you have found your passion.

Passion lingers. Unlike the things you get to do and stop after some time because you were being influenced or because that’s what is popular at that time, your passion will always remain with you. You will always find yourself drifting towards different shades of that single thing, even after many years of many experiences.

One sure way of knowing if you are passionate about a thing is if you still desire to do it after many discouragements. You might be discouraged by failures, the environment, lack, and limitations, and other enemies of potential Myles Munroe taught, but if after trying and all these, you sincerely know you still want to do that thing, you are passionate about it.

God has put eternity into man, meaning man will always have a desire that is greater than his existence or circumstances. That desire or passion is his destiny and purpose. Discovering your passion will help you in discovering your purpose.

These 3 keys to discovering your purpose by Myles Munroe are simple but very effective. They really gave me direction and fast-track my journey towards discovering my purpose.

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