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Parenting styles in Nigeria, Nigerian parents

Nigerian Parents: 20 Shocking Stats About Parenting Styles In Nigeria

I just completed a survey about parenting styles in Nigeria and I discovered some shocking facts. While I was about to start the survey, I had the idea that Nigerian parents were had very poor parenting styles as regarding how it affects their children’s self-esteem. It has been discovered that children who had parents who …

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Maintain high self-esteem

How To Maintain And Protect High Self-Esteem After Building It

I will be considering 7 simple steps on how to maintain high self-esteem after building it. If you haven’t built it, start here! The biggest challenge I see people face when building their self-esteem or recovering from a lifetime of low self-esteem is how they can actually maintain the new valuation they give to themselves. …

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High self esteem vs pride

Pride Vs High Self Esteem: 10 Differences Between High Self Esteem And Pride

In building high self-esteem, one of the questions that come to many minds is, “how am I sure I am not becoming proud?” That is the exact question I am answering with this post.
High self-esteem and pride are two different phenomena and understanding the definition of both will make you understand that there’s no need for fear when building your self-esteem.

Reasons why work doesn't define your worth

3 Reasons Why Your Work Does Not Define Your Worth

It seems very logical to think that you can know what a person is worth by what they bring forth (their work).However, it is not always so; work is not a perfect measure of a person’s worth.

How self esteem develops in childhood

How Self Esteem Develops (Ages 0-12, Stages of Self-Esteem Development)

Psychologists tell us that a person’s sense of self (how self esteem develops) starts to form in childhood and crystallizes at adolescence. Whatever sense of self they carry from that point on, goes on to become the major sense of self they will carry throughout life, except an event occurs that drastically combats those deep-rooted beliefs that form their sense of self.

How to build your self-esteem from scratch

How To Build Your Self-Esteem From Scratch

Most of us do not have the privilege of building our self-esteem from scratch and if you’re reading this you’re probably at one extreme of the self-esteem scale– low or inflated. Most likely, low.

The Two Types Of Low Self-esteem And How To Get Free From Them

There are two types of low self-esteem I have discovered from research and examinations, and I will explain them to you here. But before then, let’s make sure we are on the same page about what low self-esteem is.

Benefits of true self-esteem

10 Benefits Of Having A True Self Esteem

Several benefits come from having true self-esteem and I will be explaining them here. You have true self-esteem when you value yourself just as you truly are. That is, you never see yourself as a person who has high or low value except when it is true.