How To Make Everyone Leave You Alone

This won’t be like our regular blog post. It’s more like a story. But at the end, you will have learnt how to make everyone leave you alone. Or how to develop immunity to peer pressure.

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71 Shame-Breaking Affirmations (Daily Declarations Against Shame)

5. I am not a pack of junks
6. I am valuable, skillful and talented
7. I can produce good results and positive impact… 2. I am not disgusting
53. I am not destructive
54. I don’t hate good
55. I am sane and reasonable
56. I am not beyond repair
57. I am full of joy and positivity
58. I am favoured by everyone

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What Is Self-Discovery? Why Is It Important? (The Ultimate Guide To Self-Discovery)

Self Discovery is a lifelong process of discovering your purpose, passion, potential, weaknesses, personalities and limitations in order to make informed life and career decisions for a fulfilling life. The self-discovery cycle is a process that take you through the journey of self-discovery: exposure, spending time alone and progressive journalling. Self-discovery isn’t a process that can be completed but as you continue in life, you continually discover several aspects of your life you never knew before.

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How To Enjoy Self-Discipline (And Still Succeed)

You can be disciplined and still flex. You can still have the exuberance and excitement of Life while you put away the temporary pleasures that discipline requires of you to put away to attain a greater good.You just have to take the first step.

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How To Become A Self-Affirmation Pro

Self-affirmation is a battle against your inner critic (a voice that criticizes and condemns you, a nitpicker within you that always tells you how bad you are, and how you can’t be good) convincing it that you are good because you truly are.

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The Real Social Implication of Spending Time Alone

A person can be lonely amidst a crowd. Just like a new student would feel although they are among many other students. One can have several relationships, but if those relationships do not satisfy the person’s expectation from them, loneliness may result.