First, I’m a Certified counsellor and career coach. Read more about that here!

I started writing “seriously” in 2016. Prior to then, I wrote just anything for the fun of it. (I’ve written many stories I can’t find anymore. lol)

I noticed I had a passion for helping individuals find how they can route their personalities and unmaximised strengths to success and a satisfying life some years ago. I also noticed earlier than that, that I had so much passion and abilities for ICT.

Along the line, as I began to study along the line of making sense out of my life, God began to help me see how these passions were more than mere passions and more of a ministry. I read several books that helped me understand my potential so when God told me He’d be using me “cause righteousness and praise spring forth before all the nations,” it was almost so easy for me to know what I needed to do.

Over the years, I have helped individuals gain clarity as to which direction to take with their lives that will maximise their potentials and help them fulfill God’s purpose. Recently, I started on an online platform called The Lab, an interactive session that helps like minded people achieve this.

Righteousness is the state of one who is as he ought to be. Hence, self discovery– helping people find the idea God had in mind while creating them and becoming just that.

As for my education, I studied Counsellor Education.

As to maximising my own potential (profession, if you like), I’m a Web developer, and I head a web design and digital marketing agency, Zionsoft Web.

The Self Discovery Blog is a platform where I share the lessons I learnt when light shined on me. This light took away shame and low self-esteem, and helped me bring out beauty from a very unseeming life and background. I trust it will do the same to you too.

Iyejare Olusegun,

Founder, The Self Discovery Blog.