List of 25 Best Selling Myles Munroe Books of All Time + [PDF]

Dr Myles Munroe wrote a total of 54 books in his lifetime majority of which were bestsellers and some are still bestsellers till date. From those books, I have pick the best 25 which have cut across borders and boundaries into every city of the world to transform lives. They include books on purpose, potential, leadership, kingdom, relationships and some of Myles Munroe’s lastest books and so on. Below are the 25 best Myles Munroe books of all time. You can listen to the audio version of any of these books for free when you sign up for the 30 days free trial of Audible.

Myles Munroe Books

1. Spirit of Leadership

Spirit of Leadership introduces the reader to the basic concepts of leadership as it pertains to God’s Kingdom. Dr. Munroe, in this book, debunks the myth that certain people were created to be leaders and others we created be followers. He explains that everyone has the leadership spirit within him or her, but needs to develop the Spirit of leadership to truly maximize the potential of leadership within him or her. Get your copy here

I have written a summary of this book
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2. Understanding the Purpose And Power of Women

Just like the Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men, this book is a must read for every woman. Myles Munroe explained the balanced between the woman’s submission and leadership. He indepthly answers the question as to whether women should be leaders or not based on God’s plan. He gives a clear cut definition of the woman’s role as a female, wife, mother, and her place in God’s overall plan. This book alone can give any woman direction as to what to live for and die for. Like Myles Munroe said, it is a book for every woman and the men who love them.

Every man should get this book for his wife or the woman he loves (before/right on the very first date🌹), then read it too. It will save you several years of relationship crises.

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3. Principles and Power of Vision

Vision is having a clear picture of your future. If you don’t have a clear picture of what you future looks like yet, this is the book for you. Dr Myles Munroe first teaches how to get a vision for you life, then goes ahead to provide a step by step guide to how you can fulfill that vision. If you have gotten a vision for your life, then you need this book to learn how to make that vision actualized. Reading this book felt like reading 12 books to me. Get your copy here

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4. Understanding Your Potential

Every single thing within you– your passion, personality, temperament, physical characteristics, and even experiences were all created to help you fulfill your purpose. If you can understand their place in your life, you have discovered your God’s purpose for your life. This is what Understanding Your Potential by Myles Munroe seeks to give you. According to Apostle Joshua Selman, this was the book that guided him to discover his purpose.

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5. Single, Married, Separated and Life After Divorce

In Single, Married, Separated, and Life after Divorce, Dr. Myles Munroe goes out of the norm of just talking about certain aspects of relationships. This book is an overall handout for everyone on the subject of marriage because it takes the reader right from their roles and responsibility during their single days, to understanding and maximizing the institution of marriage and it doesn’t stop there.

It also goes further to give a guide as to how to handle marriages that do not work. Unlike many others who shy away from the subject of divorce, Dr. Munroe acknowledges that it is a reality even among Kingdom citizens and he addresses the issue in this book. This is my top pick on the subject of marriage and relationships.

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6. Fatherhood Principle

Fatherhood does not come by giving birth to a child. That is the central theme of this book Fatherhood Principle. To be a father means to be a source and a sustainer. The ability to be a father is interesting in men because they share God’s nature. This book seeks to help men model the fatherhood principles God follows in being the Father of all his children. Every male of every age should read this book, because again, being a father is not about birthing children.

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7. In Pursuit of Purpose

This is the foundational book on the subject of purpose. If you don’t even understand the idea of having a specific purpose for your life, stay with this book. Dr Myles Munroe in In Pursuit of Purpose made the concept of God’s purpose understandable for even a baby Christian or an average human. He then takes the reader from that point and guides them into identifying God’s purpose for their life. Every other book Dr Myles Munroe wrote on purpose is built on the understanding one will get from this book. If you will read any other book on this list, this book will help you understand it better. Read my summary of the book here or get your copy of the book here

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8. Understanding the Purpose And Power of Prayer

Unlike what we have taken prayer to be: a religious activity, Dr Myles Munroe explains in this book God’s original intent for prayer: how it should be done, what effect it should have, and God’s response to our prayers. Prayer according to Myles Munroe is a legal affair where we present our cases to God as in a courtroom based on the dictates of God Word (the constitution of God’s kingdom). Get your copy here

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9. Waiting and Dating

Before every marriage, there is first a period of waiting (before the individual finds their mate), and dating (the period after the man and woman have agreed to marry each other). Without adequate guide as to how the period of waiting and dating should be, citizens of the Kingdom of God can get deceived with the so many waves of ideas and information that come from all sources, especially the media, that are not God’s ways.

This book is a must-have for every Christian youth them maximize their single days and enter into fulfilling marriages. The purpose of being single is not to just prepare for marriage. There are responsibilities that single people must take us to fulfill their God’s plans for their lives, but without understanding, many people just spend their entire single life waiting for marriage. You should get this book for every single person you love.

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10. Maximizing Your Potential

This is a follow-up to Releasing Your Potential. With this book, you won’t just learn how to release your potential, you will learn how to release all if it and die empty. If you have started working on finding your purpose at some point, this book is what you need to stretch you to go beyond what you are currently doing. If you can understand and apply the principles of just this book, your name will still command authority after your death.

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11. Becoming A Leader

This book is a must-read for anyone who is a beginner at the subject of leadership. Dr. Myles explains the basic principle that can make any leadership effective, but this time, he streamlines it to the individual. Everyone who understands the concept of this book will have enough resources to lead any people of any race into achieving any goal. Get your copy here

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12. Burden of Freedom

God has created human nature to desire freedom. However, because of the many wrong conceptions about the subject of leadership, many citizens of nations are kept under bondage, slavery, and servitude. In this book, Burden of Freedom, Dr. Myles Munroe starts a herald which has been the cry of humanity for many generations– the cry for freedom.

It teaches families, societies, and nations how to truly live in the freedom God has created them to live and still be under authority and order. Unlike the misinterpretation of the desire for freedom humans have, Dr Munroe teaches us how to be free while still being confined by laws.

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13. Understanding the Purpose And Power of Men

There are certain expectations God has for specific genders that is different from what He has for humans in general. That’s what this book seeks to explore for men. In this book, Myles Munroe answers the questions that might bother the hearts of men concerning their roles in the Kingdom of God, society, and their family. He gives detailed explanations why men behave in certain ways and guides as to how every man can be restored to God’s idea of manhood. It’s a must read for every male.

Every woman should get this book for the man she loves. Your relationship will be saved once he understands and behaves the way God designed.

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14. The Power of Character In Leadership

Rather than teaching people how to become leaders, Power of Character in Leadership takes a remedial approach to the subject of leadership. According to Myles Munroe, the greatest enemy of leadership success is bad character. He not only explains how character affects leadership, but he also teaches the reader what characters are necessary for leadership and how to imbibe those good characters. It his one of Myles Munroe latest books on leadership.

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15. Applying the Kingdom

The kingdom is not an idea that should only be taught or one that should be applied only in the confines of the church. In this book, Applying the Kingdom, Dr. Myles teaches the reader how to take the kingdom into the corporate world, and how to thrive in non-christian circles and be true ambassadors of the kingdom of God. I have broken down the message of the kingdom here, even a dummy can understand. Get access here.

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16. Rediscovering the Kingdom

Rediscovering the Kingdom is the first book by Dr. Myles Munroe anyone should read on the subject of the kingdom. In this book, he introduces the idea of God’s kingdom to humanity in general and takes Christians away from their religion, doctrines, and false beliefs to bring them back into God’s original idea.

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17. Kingdom Principles

It’s not enough to be aware of God’s idea of the kingdom. To truly live in the reality of the kingdom, you must understand the guiding laws by which the kingdom of God operates. Unlike the rules that humans have set that limit our potential, God has some expectations and laid-down laws that are requisite for the attainment of results in the kingdom. This is what Kingdom Principles seeks to teach the reader. It is a comprehensive book on the principles that guide operation in God’s kingdom. Here are the key nuggets from the book or you can get your copy here.

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18. Passing It On

“Success without a successor is a failure.” Dr. Myles Munroe understood this and that is why he wrote this book one of his lastest books, Passing It On, towards the end of his life. in Passing It On, he teaches leaders how to become relevant by being “useless” in the organization. That is, transferring their abilities, virtues their vision, and leadership onto the next generation.

Every successful leader understands that the vision is bigger than them and cannot achieve it completely within their lifetime, so they recognize the need to transfer the baton of leadership to the next generation. This book is a must-read for every leader because it will teach them how to raise leaders who will be greater than them, just like Jesus did.

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19. The Purpose and Power of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, according to Dr. Myles Munroe, is the most important person on earth because His assignment is to help Christians in leaving the life of God’s kingdom on earth.

The Holy Spirit teaches and guides everyone into staying within the confines of God’s original idea, Dr. Myles teaches in The Purpose and Power of the Holy Spirit who the Holy Spirit is and who he is not, he explains the assignment of the Holy Spirit and teaches Christians not to leave their assignment for the Holy Spirit.

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20. Overcoming Crisis

One of the qualities that makes an effective leader is the ability to handle crises effectively both crisis that arises in the life of the individual leader, crisis that arises among followers, and crises that arise in his leadership in general. If the leader does not handle a crisis well and overcome it, his leadership will be destroyed. Crisis or challenging times is an inevitable part of leadership but it can be effectively managed. This book is the biggest manual Dr. Myles Munroe has provided on the subject of the leadership crisis.

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21. Releasing Your Potential

This book is a follow-up to Understanding Your Potential. Here, Dr Myles Munroe continued the journey. That is, after you have understood your potential, he provides a step by step guide to how you can use that potential to serve the purpose it was created for. This book is on this list of books on purpose because if you discover your purpose and don’t know how to go about it, it’s as well pointless. This book will show you how to go about your discovery.

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22. The Principles and Benefits of Change

Everyone agrees that change is necessary for growth and advancement, unfortunately, the majority of the people in society today dislike change because change comes with difficulties and challenges. However, change is inevitable. Dr. Myles Monroe has explained the benefits of change in this book just like its title suggests, but he also teaches the leader how to effectively lead people towards change and how to handle people who are working against necessary changes. Dr. Myles Munroe also teachers the leader how to identify changes that should be avoided from necessary changes. Read summary here or get your own copy

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23.The Purpose and Power of Authority

Authority has been grossly abused in our world today. This is what Dr. Myles Munroe seeks to address with this book. He first explains what God had in mind while creating authority, how authority should be distributed, how authorities should be exerted, and the response the entire human race is supposed to have to certain authorities.

Dr. Myles Munroe as explained in this book, the proper and improper use of authority as it pertains to leadership both in the home, church, government, and society at large.

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24. The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage

The Purpose And Power of Love and Marriage take the nature of one of the core messages of Dr. Munroe’s messages. He has written several books that are aimed at teaching the original intent God had in mind while creating certain institutions. This book does the same concerning the subject of love and marriage.

In this book, Dr. Myles explains what God had in mind while he created the institution of marriage, what he expects of us, and what is popular but isn’t of God. He gives the original definition of love as God planned and also debunks false definitions and expectations society has given concerning love and marriage

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25. Kingdom Parenting

Dr. Myles Munroe partnered with David Burrows in this book, Kingdom Parenting. This book is both helpful for new parents and those who have been parents for so long. Whether you are planning to marry or not, every Christian needs this book as Kingdom parenting is not just taking care of the child one has birthed, but an important assignment in transferring the culture of God’s Kingdom through generations.

Parents play a pivotal role and will cause a great lag to God’s program on earth if they don’t do parenting the way God expects. In this book, Dr. Myles teaches both males and females how to jointly instill Kingdom values in their children and help their children fulfill God’s plans for their lives.

That makes my list of the Best Myles Munroe books of all times.

If you will like a bundle that breaks down the key concepts from all of these books, you now have that here. It’s reserved for only readers of this blog.

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