12 Principles of Leadership By Dr Myles Munroe

12 Principles of leadership myles munroe

In every nation or organization, there are guiding principles that make leadership effective. Principles are laws that affect function. They are not facts that change, instead they are laws inherited, created, or built into life that if followed guarantees success.

Principles are effective in any place irrespective of time, location, or race. They guarantee the predictability of results. Just like if the same recipe is used in two different locations the same meal will be gotten, principles, once applied, give predictable results.

These principles of leadership as identified by Dr. Myles Munroe are laws that when applied will make both personal and corporate leadership effective. By applying these principles my leadership became unusually effective even at the age of 18. Read my story here.

Before we examine the principles of leadership, we must understand the motive that must back every true leadership and some essentials every effective leader must possess.

The Motive of True Leadership

1. True leadership must lead to change that translates into social betterment

2. True leadership should not, and must not, support visions and processes that perpetuate or give continuance to social injustices.

3. True leadership is committed to the essence of life and its noble values, to rise to the higher calling on behalf of human beings.

What this means is that for anyone to be considered a true leader, they must work for the betterment of other people, be against injustice, and always work on the behalf of humans to grow, expand, and achieve greatness.

12 Essentials of Leadership by Myles Munroe

1. You must understand that you are designed to lead (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

Your leadership isn’t just something entrusted to you by a group of individuals, instead, it is God’s original plan that you lead. So you have the ability and leadership spirit to be an effective leader.

2. You must discover yourself (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

You were not designed to be a leader over people: you are designed to be a leader over particular gifting, and your leadership over that gifting should influence others to join you. You must discover yourself and that particular gifting which you are to lead in.

3. You must capture your leadership vision (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

Vision is a clear picture of what could be in the future. You cannot lead effectively if you don’t possess a vision; that is, a clear sense of the destination your leadership wants to lead people to or the purpose it wants to achieve.

4. Share your inspiration (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

For others to follow you to the destination or goal you want to lead them to, they must come to, if not exactly at least, an appreciable level of awareness of what you have conceived and your drive. What this means is that your leadership should be open. Share your purpose, vision, and plans with your followers. That will make your leadership more effective since they are clear of what they’re following.

5. Commit to principles and values (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

Your leadership must be guided by clearly defined principles and values that is you must possess guiding rules or restrictions that guide your actions as a leader these values should include checks that will keep you committed to the purpose and vision of that leadership and checks to maintain your character and integrity as an individual.

6. Express your passion (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

Leadership is the ability to influence others through inspiration to join you in pursuing a purpose. The key to inspiring and influencing others is the passionate pursuit of your purpose and vision.

Until people can see your conviction and passion towards the task, they wouldn’t get convicted either and won’t show any passion towards the vision. The proof of passion is tireless pursuit.

7. Empower others (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

As stated in the motive of true leadership, true leadership does not support injustice, does not bring people down or imprison them. Instead, true leadership is service to humanity: it must work towards creating an environment that empowers people, making them better than they were.

8. Discipline yourself to protect purpose (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

The environment of leadership will come with many opportunities and freedom for the leader to do what they want, but just like the leader must be guided by principles and values, the leader must also be disciplined to commit to and protect the purpose which he pursues.

If as a leader you aren’t disciplined you will lose the purpose of your leadership and be caught up in frivolities and endless activities. It takes discipline to remain on the cause.

9. Coordinate your resources (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

You must learn to channel all your resources to make the most of your leadership. Your resources include time, energy, people, money, and material resources. If you don’t channel these resources consciously to make them work for the fulfillment of your vision, they won’t on their own make your leadership effective.

10. Manage your priorities (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

Every true leader is no longer having to decide between what is good and what is bad, but between what is good and what is right. Every single day in your leadership journey, you will be presented with many good things that aren’t right for you, but a clearly defined set of priorities will help simplify your choice.

11. Mentor your successors (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

The success of a leader is evident in the successors he raises. Your leadership should never be to gather a group of people who will continually remain loyal followers to you. Instead, you are to train them to become leaders themselves. A true leader does not build programs or systems, instead, he builds people. Every leadership has failed without successors.

12. Understand management (Principles of leadership by Myles Munroe)

Management simply means delegation of authority. A true leader is a good manager. Since humans are one of the resources the leader possesses, the leader must be able to help the followers maximize their potential in making positive contributions to the vision of the leadership.

Every true leader knows they cannot do it on their own, so they manage the people right to achieve the purpose.

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12 Principles of Leadership by Myles Munroe

For every leadership to be effective, the leader must follow these 12 principles of leadership. He must possess these virtues

1. Purpose

2. Vision

3. Passion

4. Conviction

5. Compassion

6. Principles

7. Values

8. Plans

9. Persistence

10. Dedication

11. Sacrifice

12. Accountability

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