10 Best Myles Munroe Books on Relationships and Marriage + [PDF]

Dr. Myles Munroe has written several books on the subject of marriage and relationships. This is no surprise because the cute of his messages all through his life was on the Kingdom, transforming followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.

No one can truly live the life of the Kingdom without understanding how kingdom relationships work, and the height of the relationships being marriage.

Dr. Myles Munroe didn’t just teach about marriage and relationships because he learned the idea. He lived the messages he preached, as he always said his wife/marriage is part of his message.

Myles Munroe never accepted any invitation to preach if arrangements weren’t made for his wife. They were best of friends and were always together. Just like Myles Munroe said will happen, they both went to be with the Lord on the same day. They were both on board a flight to a conference when the plane crashed. Unfortunately, their daughter went with them.

Dr. Myles Munroe also raised godly children. His son Myles Munroe Jr., being the only one left is still strongly heralding the message of the Kingdom as proof that he was actually taught the way of the Lord and wasn’t just satisfying his dad’s desire.

Below is the list of books written by Dr. Myles Munroe on the subject of marriage and relationships. You can listen to the audio version of any of these books for free when you sign up for the 30 days free trial of Audible here. Maximize this opportunity

Myles Munroe Books On Marriage and Relationships, Myles Munroe Books on Love and Family

1. Single, Married, Separated and Life after Divorce

In Single, Married, Separated, and Life after Divorce, Dr. Myles Munroe goes out of the norm of just talking about certain aspects of relationships. This book is an overall handout for everyone on the subject of marriage because it takes the reader right from their roles and responsibility during their single days, to understanding and maximizing the institution of marriage and it doesn’t stop there.

It also goes further to give a guide as to how to handle marriages that do not work. Unlike many others who shy away from the subject of divorce, Dr. Munroe acknowledges that it is a reality even among Kingdom citizens and he addresses the issue in this book. This is my top pick on the subject of marriage and relationships. Get your copy here

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2. Waiting and Dating

Before every marriage, there is first a period of waiting (before the individual finds their mate), and dating (the period after the man and woman have agreed to marry each other). Without adequate guide as to how the period of waiting and dating should be, citizens of the Kingdom of God can get deceived with the so many waves of ideas and information that come from all sources, especially the media, that are not God’s ways.

This book is a must-have for every Christian youth them maximize their single days and enter into fulfilling marriages. The purpose of being single is not to just prepare for marriage. There are responsibilities that single people must take us to fulfill their God’s plans for their lives, but without understanding, many people just spend their entire single life waiting for marriage. You should get this book for every single person you love. Get your copy here

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3. The Purpose And Power of Love and Marriage

The Purpose And Power of Love and Marriage take the nature of one of the core messages of Dr. Munroe’s messages. He has written several books that are aimed at teaching the original intent God had in mind while creating certain institutions. This book does the same concerning the subject of love and marriage.

In this book, Dr. Myles explains what God had in mind while he created the institution of marriage, what he expects of us, and what is popular but isn’t of God. He gives the original definition of love as God planned and also debunks false definitions and expectations society has given concerning love and marriage. Get your copy here

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4. Understanding The Purpose and Power of Women

This book is not just for women alone. It is also for every man who loves them. Dr. Myles Munroe, in his regular style, has explained God’s original design for the female identity, he explains her role as a female, a wife, a mother, member of society, and also answers the question as to whether females should be in a position of authority or not.

He explains the assignments of God’s Kingdom that are unique to the female gender, in fulfilling the overall idea God has for humanity. He also explains the Biblical restrictions that God has set for women as to their function both in relation with men and with God. I always recommend men gift their wives this book before marriage. Get your copy here

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5. Understanding The Purpose and Power of Men

This is the male version of Understanding the Purpose and Power of Women. In this book, Dr. Munroe explained God’s original idea for the male gender, their roles, responsibilities, expectations, ability, and makeup. God created men to have these wiring expect they maximize it both to fulfill God’s purpose for them, live fulfilling lives, and play their role in God’s Kingdom.

Dr. Myles explains men’s position in relationships, as fathers, as husbands, leaders, and members of societies. Get your copy here

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6. Fatherhood Principle

Fatherhood does not come by giving birth to a child. That is the central theme of this book Fatherhood Principle. To be a father means to be a source and a sustainer. The ability to be a father is interesting in men because they share God’s nature. This book seeks to help men model the fatherhood principles God follows in being the Father of all his children. Every male of every age should read this book, because again, being a father is not about birthing children.

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7. Kingdom Parenting

Dr. Myles Munroe partnered with David Burrows in this book, Kingdom Parenting. This book is both helpful for new parents and those who have been parents for so long. Whether you are planning to marry or not, every Christian needs this book as Kingdom parenting is not just taking care of the child one has birthed, but an important assignment in transferring the culture of God’s Kingdom through generations.

Parents play a pivotal role and will cause a great lag to God’s program on earth if they don’t do parenting the way God expects. In this book, Dr. Myles teaches both males and females how to jointly instill Kingdom values in their children and help their children fulfill God’s plans for their lives.

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8. A Woman of Purpose and Power Devotional

In this 90-day devotional, Dr. Myles Munroe takes women through a step-by-step guide to understanding their purpose and power. It will women transform their daily activities into productive activities that will both release their power, and fulfill their purpose. No woman goes through this devotional and continues to live a confused life, because she would be able to understand her makeup and emotions and channel them into fulfilling God’s original intent for them.

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9. Keys For Living Single

Dr. Munroe explains how singleness, as we know it, is an illusion in his book Keys for Living Single. He describes the fundamental essence of singleness and how it allows us to become everything God created us to be: “If being single means being unique and whole, then being single should be every Christian’s number one desire.” Develop a sense of wholeness and completion that will define and guide you for the rest of your life as you accomplish your single or married purpose in the world.

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10. Myles Munroe on Relationships

Dr. Myles Munroe, who has sold over one million books, now turns his attention to men and women, delivering daily practical and biblical counsel for all types of relationships. This year-long devotional, based on several of his best-selling books, will help you comprehend the God-given purpose of men and women, as well as how you can better relate to the people in your life.

Each day’s reading includes Dr. Munroe’s teaching and encouragement, as well as a Scripture reading and prayers to aid in your spiritual growth. Dr. Munroe will speak on a variety of topics throughout the year, including: How is a woman different from a man? What kind of masculine definition should males adopt? Is it possible for a woman to be a leader? This devotional will help you understand the roles of men and women as God intended them to be, whether you are a man or a woman, married or single.


Marriage and relationships are cardinal aspects of the Kingdom Life on earth. This is why Dr. Myles Munroe has focused several of his books and teachings on this subject. Get one of these books, and at least 1 for people you love. It is both a step towards advancing God’s kingdom on earth, fulfilling your purpose, and living a satisfying life.

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