10 Best Myles Munroe Books On Leadership

It is very clear from Dr. Myles Monroe’s purpose statement that he is not just interested but an authority sent on the subject of leadership. Munroe was sent to transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change. He has done this by writing several books on the subject of leadership and taught several messages across nations of the Earth.

In this article, I have listed the 10 best books on Kingdom Leadership written by Dr. Myles Munroe

Books On Leadership By Dr. Myles Munroe

1. Spirit of Leadership

Spirit of Leadership introduces the reader to the basic concepts of leadership as it pertains to God’s Kingdom. Dr. Munroe, in this book, debunks the myth that certain people were created to be leaders and others we created be followers. He explains that everyone has the leadership spirit within him or her, but needs to develop the Spirit of leadership to truly maximize the potential of leadership within him or her.

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2. Becoming a Leader

This book is a must-read for anyone who is a beginner at the subject of leadership. Dr. Myles explains the basic principle that can make any leadership effective, but this time, he streamlines it to the individual. Everyone who understands the concept of this book will have enough resources to lead any people of any race into achieving any goal.

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3. Power of Character in Leadership

Rather than teaching people how to become leaders, Power of Character in Leadership takes a remedial approach to the subject of leadership. According to Myles Munroe, the greatest enemy of leadership success is bad character. He not only explains how character affects leadership, but he also teaches the reader what characters are necessary for leadership and how to imbibe those good characters.

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4. Principles and Power of Vision

As in every teaching Dr. Myles Munroe has taught on the subject of leadership, he acknowledges that there is no leadership without, first a vision, since the leader is leading the people towards the achievement of a vision. This book not only teaches the leader how to capture a vision but also teaches him how to effectively lead others into achieving that vision with him.

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5. Purpose and Power of Authority

Authority has been grossly abused in our world today. This is what Dr. Myles Munroe seeks to address with this book. He first explains what God had in mind while creating authority, how authority should be distributed, how authorities should be exerted, and the response the entire human race is supposed to have to certain authorities.

Dr. Myles Munroe as explained in this book, the proper and improper use of authority as it pertains to leadership both in the home, church, government, and society at large.

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6. Overcoming Crises

One of the qualities that makes an effective leader is the ability to handle crises effectively both crisis that arises in the life of the individual leader, crisis that arises among followers, and crises that arise in his leadership in general. If the leader does not handle a crisis well and overcome it, his leadership will be destroyed. Crisis or challenging times is an inevitable part of leadership but it can be effectively managed. This book is the biggest manual Dr. Myles Munroe has provided on the subject of the leadership crisis.

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7. Benefits of Change

Everyone agrees that change is necessary for growth and advancement, unfortunately, the majority of the people in society today dislike change because change comes with difficulties and challenges. However, change is inevitable. Dr. Myles Monroe has explained the benefits of change in this book just like its title suggests, but he also teaches the leader how to effectively lead people towards change and how to handle people who are working against necessary changes. Dr. Myles Munroe also teachers the leader how to identify changes that should be avoided from necessary changes.

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8. Burden of Freedom

God has created human nature to desire freedom. However, because of the many wrong conceptions about the subject of leadership, many citizens of nations are kept under bondage, slavery, and servitude. In this book, Burden of Freedom, Dr. Myles Munroe starts a herald which has been the cry of humanity for many generations– the cry for freedom.

It teaches families, societies, and nations how to truly live in the freedom God has created them to live and still be under authority and order. Unlike the misinterpretation of the desire for freedom humans have, Dr Munroe teaches us how to be free while still being confined by laws.

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9. Passing It On

“Success without a successor is a failure.” Dr. Myles Munroe understood this and that is why he wrote this book, Passing It On, towards the end of his life. in Passing It On, he teaches leaders how to become relevant by being “useless” in the organization. That is, transferring their abilities, virtues their vision, and leadership onto the next generation.

Every successful leader understands that the vision is bigger than them and cannot achieve it completely within their lifetime, so they recognize the need to transfer the baton of leadership to the next generation. This book is a must-read for every leader because it will teach them how to raise leaders who will be greater than them, just like Jesus did.

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10. In Charge

Like the title of the book suggests, In Charge was written for a single purpose: to help the reader discover their personal leadership ability to remain in charge of their lives and their environment. God never planned that humans dominate other humans, so this book turns you away from trying to be in charge of other people to be in charge of your life and unique gifting.


Reconstructing the mindset to God’s original idea for leadership is the biggest investment any leader can make towards fulfilling purpose. Fortunately, everyone is a leader. I recommend everyone starts their reading on the subject of leadership with the book, Spirit of Leadership.

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