How to criticize yourself. Constructive Self-Criticism

Constructive Self-Criticism: How To Criticize Yourself Without Messing Things Up

Can’t stop self-criticism? Then do it healthily. Just do a simple search on Google on “criticizing yourself” and you will find a ton of articles teaching you how not to criticize yourself and all the dangers that come with self-criticism. But not criticizing yourself is not possible as a human with a working brain.

How to criticize your thoughts self discovery blog

How To Criticize Your Thoughts

It is said that the average human has over 6000 thoughts daily. Truth be told, not all those that contain facts. So much is assumptions. However, any thought we hold on to for long becomes a strong belief, that we almost cannot think anything contrary.

Enemies of potential

14 Deadly Enemies of Human Potential

There’s so much we were designed to accomplish in our lifetimes– so much more than many of us ever accomplish. While we must learn to maximise our potentials, we just also learn to identify and fight the enemies of potential.

10 dangers of social pressure

10 Dangers of Social Pressure

There are so many dangers and negative influences that come with all forms of social pressure. This is not limited to the negatives you are being pressured to, like social media pressuring you to pornography. It also includes all the effects the very act of pressure has on the individual that is being pressured. That …

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